What is virgin chocolate?

Being neither raw nor roasted, Raaka is different kind of chocolate. Our process is gentle; our flavors are vibrant. This is virgin chocolate.

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Growing Ethically: A Look at Maya Mountain Cacao

We created Raaka to make chocolate that reflects the human element in every bar. Chocolate, a source of joy for many in the West, is often the product of great injustice throughout the developing world. The chocolate industry has historically exploited the two most crucial and meaningful foundations of its business: the farmers and the land.  In the past decade, several major chocolate producers have been linked to child labor and poor wages, while the monoculture model of the cacao farm has been responsible for rampant deforestation. 

Maya Mountain Cacao is helping to change the industry.

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Trip to Belize, Tasting the Food of the Gods

A couple of weeks ago we returned from an inspiring trip to Belize. In tropical paradise, Cotton Tree Lodge and Taza Chocolate combined forces to host an educational chocolate week highlighting local cacao production. There we met with farmers and Maya Mountain Cacao and learned what the "food of gods" tastes like.

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