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  • First Nibs- August

    August was moving month here at Raaka Chocolate. We’re up and running at our brand new facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn, so stay tuned to our blog for updates about the new space and how you can visit it. This month, we decided to make chocolate that represented our transition into our new factory, as well as our transition from late summer to early fall.   Maple & Nibs (Bolivia, CIAAB, 75%) For this bar we took Bolivian cacao and aged it for six weeks to tone down its umami-ness, then sprinkled in maple sugar from Bascom Family Farms in...

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  • First Nibs - July!

    It’s summer, so this month's limited edition bars are all about trying to capture nostalgic summer flavors in chocolate form. Campfires, grilling, ripe berries; what’s not to love about summertime? Read more about these delicious bars here!

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  • Celebrate summer with Raaka S'mores!

    It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool and fresh while enjoying the sunshine.   Since cacao has a melting point of around 95 F (36 C), and softens in the mid to upper 80’s, the summer heat presents some challenges to our daily nibbles. Why not compromise with the heat and enjoy the unique bliss of melting chocolate in the form of a S’more?

    S’more’s are a uniquely American tradition, synonymous with summer campfires and weekend getaways. The S’more was discovered in 1927, when it first appeared in the publication of Tramping and Trailing with The Girl Scouts. The genius behind this idea, of melting rich chocolate with gooey marshmallows between the honeyed crusts of two graham crackers, remains unknown.

    But we do know it sure tastes good with Raaka Chocolate. Read on for a recipe!

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  • Jeanne Calment: 122 Years of Chocolate.

    By her own estimations, Madame Jeanne-Louise Calment, the oldest person who ever lived, enjoyed 2.2lbs of chocolate a week.  Depending on how strong the Madame preferred her cacao, she consumed the equivalent of two bars of Raaka chocolate per day. 

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  • Raaka Box- Ahoy May-Tea!

    This month's edition of Raaka Box features herbal and green teas from around the globe. To complement the return of the sun, we're bring you some fun and lively chocolates: Bolivian cacao paired with Genmaicha tea, and a hibiscus and blueberry blend. Take a look at May's bars below and explore past months' Raaka box flavors here.

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  • Raaka Box- Herbaceous April

    This month's edition of Raaka Box features herbs and fruits native to Southeast AsiaAs the season unfolds, we’ve decided to bring you floral and citrus flavors that remind us of the abundance of spring. Take a look at April's bars below and explore past month's Raaka box flavors here.
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  • Raaka Box- March into Spring

    March into spring with this month's edition of Raaka Box.  This month's box explores chocolate sweetened without cane sugar. Using familiar ingredients like honey and maple, and exotic ingredients like yacón, we show how different sugars can blend with cacao to create unique flavor profiles.  Take a look at March's bars below and explore past month's Raaka box flavors here.

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