Our Subscription Plan is Taking Off!

  • By Jillian Jason

We face a unique problem as chocolate makers and curious foodies: 

We live for making new bars with innovative flavors and techniques, but it can be hard for these super interesting, complex bars to find their way to store shelves. Our original 8-bar lineup of organic, handmade bars still steals the show here. But with so many delicious, luxury chocolate bars stacking up in the factory, we knew we needed a way for fans to experience our best and newest recipes. 


So, we thought:

What if we created a special service where you could sign up once and automatically receive gourmet chocolate directly to your door each month?

Why sell up-to-the-minute limited release bars in our online shop when we could sell them online in a neat subscription service which also automatically delivers gourmet chocolate to your door each month?

And that’s what we did.

Now you can sign up right here on our website and, in about 60 seconds, you’ll be all set to start your subscription service. Each month, 3 luxury bars with ingredients from every culinary corner of the earth will arrive directly to your door. Do you crave an innovative yerba mate bar? A cranberry-saffron bar? What about a rare cacao species from Peru, in a bar dusted with volcanic sea salt? Each new bar comes with liner notes from Nate Hodge, Raaka’s head chocolate maker. Nate describes his inspiration, the historical significance and all-natural ingredients in every limited edition subscription bar. 

In addition to the two brand-new experimental bars, you’ll also receive one from our best-selling 8. Taste these rare and experimental bars alongside our most favorite recipes.



The best part? Chocolate.

The easiest part? If you need to cancel, there are no hidden fees. If you want to drop us a line, we’re right here
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