Raaka Box- The February Lineup

  • By Orissa Agnihotri
February's edition of Raaka Box combines ingredients that we find comforting in the throes of winter: sesame, vanilla, toasted mate, and cocoa. This month's box also aims to demonstrate the range that ingredients like vanilla and a single origin of cocoa can have.  Take a look at February's lineup below and explore past month's Raaka box flavors here.
Toasted Sesame with Tahitian Vanilla (Akesson's Organic Farm, Madagascar, 70%) 
Savory sesame, sweet Tahitian vanilla, and slightly sour notes from Malagasy cacao swirl together for a chocolate bar that borders on taste bud over-stimulation. We absolutely love the flavor of Tahitian vanilla and the subtle spiciness that sets it apart from other vanilla strains. This zing pairs delightfully with toasted sesame seeds.


Toasted Mate with Madagascar Vanilla (Akesson's Organic Farm, Madagascar, 66%)
One of three vanilla strains, Madagascar vanilla (also known as Bourbon vanilla) is likely the flavor you think of when you think of vanilla. It has a mellow, soothing, slightly sentimental flavor. Toasted Mate has been the go-to warm beverage for Nate, our head chocolate maker, this winter (which is saying something for a coffee fiend like himself). Not to be confused with its bitter, flowery counterpart yerba mate, toasted mate possesses flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and roasted grains. We mixed these two soothing ingredients with tangy Madagascar cacao to create a striking contrast.


75% Dark (Akesson's Organic Farm, Madagascar)
SOMIA is the favorite cacao of Raaka's production team and we present it to you in its purest form, side-by-side with the previously mentioned bars which are also made with this origin. A citrus rind bite, a rice wine sweetness, and a lingering flavor of fennel seed permeate the melt of this remarkable cacao.
Happy Tasting!

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