Raaka Box- Herbaceous April

  • By Orissa Agnihotri

This month's edition of Raaka Box features herbs and fruits native to Southeast AsiaAs the season unfolds, we’ve decided to bring you floral and citrus flavors that remind us of the abundance of spring. Take a look at April's bars below and explore past month's Raaka box flavors here.

Holy Basil (Grupo Salinas, Ecuador, 80%)

Holy Basil is a plant revered in ancient Hinduism. It is offered to deities in religious rituals and weaved into fragrant necklaces at temples. In Ayurvedic medicine, Holy Basil is used as a stress reliever, often drank as tea for its soothing and calming properties. It has hints of clove and black pepper while at the same time emulating the flavors of traditional basil. Mixed with the earthy cacao of cooperative Grupo Salinas, Holy Basil lends both spicy and floral notes to the chocolate.

Lemongrass and Bird’s Eye Chilies (La Red, Dominican Republic, 69%)

This classic flavor combination from Southeast Asia is one of our all-time favorites, reminiscent of the curries of Vietnam and Thailand. The flavor of lemongrass reminds us of fresh spring flowers while the spiciness of the Bird's Eye Chilies brings on the heat. Fruity cacao from the La Red Guaconejo Co-op in the Dominican Republic perfectly accentuates the citrus notes of the lemongrass and the zing of the chilies.

Coconut Milk (Akesson’s Organic Farm, Madagascar, 60%)

What goes best with lemongrass and bird’s eye chilies? Obviously, coconut milk. We developed the Coconut Milk bar to satisfy our desire for a creamy, milky chocolate made without dairy. Coconut milk and Madagascar cocoa beans from Akesson's Organic Farm blend together to evoke a basket of tropical fruit flavors. This bar is still fairly dark for milk chocolate due to Raaka's bold unroasted cacao.


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