Trip to Belize, Tasting the Food of the Gods

  • By Ryan Mellinger

A couple of weeks ago we returned from an inspiring trip to Belize. In tropical paradise, Cotton Tree Lodge and Taza Chocolate combined forces to host an educational chocolate week highlighting local cacao production.


There we attended Maya Mountain Cacao’s annual farmers meeting. It’s easy to forget that a delicious chocolate bar humbly begins from a seed on a tree. It is the farmers of these trees that are perhaps the original artisans of chocolate craft, working with as much passion as we are in our own chocolate factory here in Brooklyn.

We met Eladio Pop, a cocoa farmer in Toledo, who shared his care and respect for the land that cultivates the “food of the gods”.  We also saw the harmonious relationship between Maya Mountain Cacao and the farmers. We tasted various beans with their Fermentation Manager, Samuel, who taught us that Belizean cacao has distinct and broad flavor profiles, ranging from coffee to tobacco to tropical fruits. Only two years old, Maya Mountain Cacao's work towards a sustainable cocoa community is impressive.



We left Belize with greater respect for all the work that goes into each burlap sack of beans we receive. Discover our Porter, Espresso or Yacón chocolate bars online and taste the tropical, fruity flavors of Belize cacao.

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