Raaka Box- Ahoy May-Tea!

  • By Orissa Agnihotri

This month's Raaka Box features herbal and green teas from around the globe. Along with the sun, and hopefully warmth of May, we hope to bring you some fun and lively chocolates. Take a look at May's bars below and explore past months' Raaka Box flavors here.

Genmaicha Crunch (CIAAB, Bolivia, 64%)

In early Japan, Genmaicha, or green tea with puffed rice, was the beverage of choice for Japanese peasants. The addition of rice to the tea made it much more affordable than straight green tea. Today, it’s consumed by every economic tier of Japanese society, and enjoyed in Sushi restaurants all over the globe. We've added this tea to Bolivian cacao that has a minty, mushroom-like flavor and poured it over organic crispy rice... think lighthearted indulgence for the advanced pallet.


Hibiscus & Blueberry (Hacienda Elvesia, Dominican Republic, 67%)

Hibiscus tea has long been one of the most consumed beverages on the planet. In Jamaica, it’s enjoyed during Christmas celebrations. In Egypt, it’s toasted during wedding receptions, and in Malaysia it’s sometimes fermented and turned into wine. Here, we've steeped it in cocoa butter with dried apples and stirred it into a Dominican cacao liquor that adds the slightest hint of lemon to the overall flavor. On top of this bar you’ll find vibrant crushed blueberries to kick the sweetness (and antioxidants) up a notch.


85% Ecuador (Grupo Salinas)

Still craving a pure cacao fix? Our 85% bar is the darkest bar we make with only two ingredients. This cacao from coastal Ecuador possesses a tannic quality similar to that of black tea. In addition, taste for notes of almond and wheat grass.


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