First Nibs: June

  • By Ryan Mellinger

This month's edition of First Nibs features tropical and fruity flavors to welcome the arrival of summer. Take a look at June's bars below and explore past month's First Nibs flavors here.

Mangosteen & Pomegranate Seeds (Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic, 74%)

The month of June brings Mangosteen season upon the New York City area. This is the one time of year when this delicious tropical fruit, native to southeast Asia, is readily available in our city. We grind the tastiest mangosteen we can find right into our chocolate to enhance the natural sweetness of Oko Caribe cacao. This bar contains no cane sugar. Instead, it is sweetened with fructose to help bring out the flavor of the mangosteen. A sprinkling of pomegranate seeds on top adds crunchy texture and more fruity flavors.


Central American Cacao Blend (Belize & Guatemala, 75%)

This bar might also be referred to as the ‘Emily Stone bar.’ Emily, a Boston native, has been a pioneer of bringing the amazing cacao of Belize and Guatemala to the U.S. market. Check out for info on the work she has done to promote the growth of cacao farming in Central America. This bar blends beans from the two origins she’s helped to develop: Maya Mountain Cacao’s farms in Toledo, Belize and the farms of FundaLachua in Guatemala.  This bar offers unique, powerful, dried tropical fruit notes and has the brightness of a cup of delicate light roast coffee. 

71% Dark with Sea Salt (Dominican Republic & Bolivia)

Raaka’s signature cacao blend combines beans from the Palos Blancos region of Bolivia and beans from the La Red coop of the DR. A balanced chocolate with hints of raspberry, cinnamon and pine, it’s topped with a light sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt to make the flavors pop.


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