Celebrate summer with Raaka S'mores!

It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and everyone's looking for ways to stay cool and fresh while enjoying the sunshine.   Since cacao has a melting point of around 95 F (36 C), and softens in the mid to upper 80s, the summer heat presents some challenges. Why not compromise with the heat and enjoy the unique bliss of melting chocolate in the form of a S’more?

S’more’s are a uniquely American tradition, synonymous with summer campfires and weekend getaways. The S’more was discovered in 1927, when it first appeared in the publication of Tramping and Trailing with The Girl Scouts. The genius behind this idea, of melting rich chocolate with gooey marshmallows between the honeyed crusts of two graham crackers, remains unknown.

Like the cacao bean, the other two stars of the S’more have become mass-produced, industrialized food products, divorced from their more natural origins. The ancient Egyptians first conceived of the marshmallow, by extracting the sap from its plant, Althaea officinalis, and mixing it with fruit and nuts. Like cacao, the marshmallow plant was often used for medicinal and nutritional purposes, rather than confectionary; for example, the Egyptians treated sore throats with a concoction of marshmallow root and honey.

The graham cracker, too, was conceived as a health food. Diet guru Sylvester Graham created the cracker as a critical component of his  “Graham Diet”.

You can return the S’more to its healthy roots by choosing the individual ingredients in their whole forms. Grab some whole grain graham crackers, organic marshmallows and your favorite Raaka bar (we think Coconut Milk or Vanilla Rooibos work best, or the Bourbon bar for bolder flavor!).

If you’re a vegan and feeling a little left out, check out iHeartRaw’s mouth-watering S’more recipe using our dark Madagascar bar, featured below! Not only does she have wonderful taste in food, she is also a monthly subscriber to our Raaka box! She considers it her “BEST. DECISION. EVER”. We agree, but we might be a bit biased.

If you're worried about your Raaka chocolate melting before it even gets to the fire, don’t worry, we always ship our summer orders in insulated packets with ice to insure solid delivery!


iHeartRaw’s Raaka S’mores



Your favorite Raaka Bar

Vegan Graham Crackers (she chose the Erewhon brand)

Vegan marshmallows (she used Dandies)


  1. If you’ll be making these around an open flame, combine the ingredients into the sandwich and roast away! If you don’t have access to an open flame, turn your oven to broil and lay the bottom graham cracker on a tray, and top with marshmallows. 
  2. Allow the marshmallows to brown to taste, about 5 minutes. 
  3. Remove the cracker from the oven, top with a few squares of your Raaka bar of choice, and close it with the top.
  4. Eat, and enjoy! 


Rochelle is a private plant-based chef and baker living in Brooklyn with her fiancée. She is passionate about animal welfare and delicious food, and writes

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