First Nibs- August

August was moving month here at Raaka Chocolate. We’re up and running at our brand new facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn, so stay tuned to our blog for updates about the new space and how you can visit it. This month, we decided to make chocolate that represented our transition into our new factory, as well as our transition from late summer to early fall.  

Maple & Nibs (Bolivia, CIAAB, 75%)

For this bar we took Bolivian cacao and aged it for six weeks to tone down its umami-ness, then sprinkled in maple sugar from Bascom Family Farms in New Hampshire. The bar is topped with roasted (yes, roasted) nibs from the Dominican Republic. I think the result is a chocolate that tastes like a pecan brownie dipped in maple syrup. I absolutely love this combo.

Raspberry Lemonade (Dominican Republic, Oko Caribe, 65%)

First, I have some bad news for everyone - summer is almost over. The good news is that you can enjoy warm-weather treats like Raspberry Lemonade all year long. In this one, we blended crushed freeze dried raspberries into Dominican chocolate and topped the bar with zesty lemon sugar. It’s a summery beverage of a bar that’s heavy on the raspberry and subtle with the lemonade.

Madagascar (Akesson’s Organic Farm, 75%)

A favorite of Raaka connoisseurs everywhere, this bar is featured in the fall issue of Wine & Spirits magazine along with an illuminating profile of yours truly. Flavors of rice wine, plum and pistachio make this a chocolate bar like none other in my (humble) opinion.

For more on our chocolate subscription, First Nibs, and to see past month's flavors go here.
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