Cacao and Coffee, like brothers from another mother.

  • By William Mullan

Few things pair together better than chocolate and coffee. Whether it's a hot mug of coffee and bar of chocolate for breakfast, a Mocha, or chocolate coated coffee beans, these two robust and stimulating fruit seeds have proven to be two of the world's most prized mood-lifters and palette partners.

This Saturday, we're coming together with our friends at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters to celebrate this symbiotic relationship with a coffee and chocolate tasting party at our factory in Red Hook. We promise the company will be nothing less than stimulating, and we'll be sampling our collaboration with Irving Farm, an Horchata chocolate bar based on the traditional El Salvadorian recipe, featuring Irving Farm's Talnamica coffee, cacao from OKO Caribe in the D.R, cinnamon and morro seeds. The festivities begin at 6PM at 64 Seabring Street in Red Hook, and tickets can be purchased here!

Besides being both uplifting and tasty, cacao and coffee are both fruit seeds that are dubbed "beans" for their physical similarities to true beans. The trees they grow on, Theobroma cacao and Coffea, respectively, both prefer warmer climates.  Their stimulating properties are both attributed to their alkaloid content, caffeine for coffee, and theobromine for cacao. Scientific studies are beginning to reveal another similarity between these two seeds: they both contain a significant amount of antioxidants, and may both play a role in keeping your brain sharp as you age.

Dietary flavanoids from cacao have been shown to protect against neuroinflammation, degeneration, and promote memory, learning, and overall cognition, while caffeine from coffee has been shown to promote memory and learning with just a cup a day!

Why not make your next breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up one of Raaka's virgin chocolates, like Maple & Nibs, Dark with Sea Salt, or Bourbon Cask Aged, which pair especially well with that cup of joe.



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