December's First Nibs

  • By Nate Hodge

Happy Holidays from Raaka! For December’s Bars I chose ingredients that are bright in color and festive by nature.

Pinot Noir Salt & Pink Peppercorn (OKO Caribe, D.R, 73%)

This bar is made from Dominican chocolate that we aged in blocks for two months to bring out its clove flavor and develop a milder, deeper chocolate-like base flavor. To enhance these characters, we topped the chocolate with some Willamette Valley Pinot Noir cured salt made by our friends at the Meadow, and pink peppercorns. I’m a huge fan of pink peppercorns and their juicy pepper notes.

Quince & Okinawan Purple Yam (Akesson’s Farm, Madagascar, 68%)

Late fall is the time for preserving the season’s bounty. Quince and Okinawan purple yams are two of our favorite late fall produce snacks, so we’re sharing them with you now. Quinces are grown and harvested in every corner of the globe. They’re like a pear in flavor, but have to be roasted or boiled to soften their fibrous texture. Here we roasted them with some maple before we dehydrated them. The purple yams were ground into a powder. We used a bright and slightly sweet Madagascar base to enhance the festive undertones.

Coconut Milk (OKO Caribe, DR, 60%)

It’s vegan; it’s creamy; it isn’t too sweet. Great for kids. Great for adults. Great for the Holidays.

Happy tasting!  


Nathan Hodge

Head Chocolate Maker


P.S - Check out behind the scenes footage of how we made these bars on our Instagram!


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