January's First Nibs!

Happy New Year from Raaka! January’s bars feature the flavors of the forest. Bolivian cacao, unlike any other cacao, evokes the aromas and flora of the forest to me. This month’s bars also display ways in which different flavors interact with the same cacao.

Organic cacao from the CIAAB Co-op in Bolivia

Porcini Mushroom (CIAAB, Bolivia, 72%)

Porcinis have a rich and meaty flavor, yet also contain a subtle caramel-esque sweetness. In this bar, the chocolate really supports the complex flavors of the mushroom, letting the porcini shine as the main ingredient. We’ve been thinking and talking a lot about mushrooms in chocolate at Raaka, and Bolivian cacao makes a bold earthy base for this bar.

Pine Needle (CIAAB, Bolivia, 69%)

Pine is a fascinating ingredient in food. We so commonly associate it with cleaning supplies and Christmas trees that it seems to get overlooked in the culinary world. It can definitely get overpowering in large doses so here I was interested in enhancing the subtle forest notes of the Bolivian cacao, rather than making an intensely piney chocolate.

Maple and Nibs (CIAAB, Bolivia, 75%)

A first nibs favorite. Your feedback directly affected our decision to make this bar part of our regular line. Thanks for being a part of our extended family in 2014!

Happy tasting!

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