February's First Nibs

  • By Nate Hodge

Love is in the frigid air here in the northeast. For February’s bars, I’ve chosen delicate ingredients that display the colors of Valentine’s day (red and white).

Candied Rose Hips (OKO Caribe, D.R, 75%)

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant and appear after the rose petals have fallen off. Celebrated in Europe for their tangy, slightly sweet flavor, they’re used in herbal tea blends, jams, and nyponsoppa - a dessert soup native to Sweden. This dark and fruity Oko Caribe chocolate is complemented by pieces of a house-made rose hip sugar taffy.

White Nibs (Pure Nacional, 70%)

No cacao varietal is held in such high esteem as Pure Nacional. Sourced from the Amazonia region in Northeast Peru, this cacao is extraordinarily rare and naturally produces white cacao beans prized for their delicate flavors and aromas. Our white  nibs bar contains a rich and creamy mouthfeel without the addition of cocoa butter or milk. We've topped it with selected white nibs as a demonstration of the beautiful beans produced by these cocoa pods.

Vanilla Rooibos (DR and Bolivia, 67%)

Our Rooibos bar contains honeybush tea and green rooibos tea, which coincidentally are also red and (somewhat) white.

Happy tasting!  

Nathan Hodge

Head Chocolate Maker


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