May's First Nibs Selections

  • By Nate Hodge

In the tradition of the gongfu tea ceremony of the Fujian province in China, this month First Nibs offers two bars infused with Wuyi Oolong tea at different moments in the tea's flavor life-cycle. Gongfu, which means 'with time and effort', is a way to brew oolong so that no potential nuances in the tea are missed. The gongfu method can call for up to 8 steepings of high quality oolong.

This month, we included a tea bag of Wuyi Oolong for you to attempt your own gongfu tea ceremony!

Wuyi Oolong, 2nd Steep (Oko Caribe, D.R. 66%)

Wuyi Oolong, 5th Steep (Oko Caribe, D.R. 66%)

For both of these bars we used the exact same process with one simple difference; the tea was steeped a different number of times before being steeped in cocoa butter and added to the chocolate. The 2nd steeping possesses a smoky and fruity flavor, while the 5th displays a milder, more nutty palate. When you brew the tea multiple times at home, you should be able to pick up on this flavor progression in that format as well.

Become a member of First Nibs this month and discover the complexity of tea infused, virgin chocolate.

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