Raaka Chocolates paired with Samuel Adams’ Winter Collection

  • By Ryan Cheney

Beer and chocolate: a match made in foodie heaven. Don’t believe us? You will, once you eat a piece of Raaka’s 71% Dark with Sea Salt chocolate and chase it with a Sam Adam’s White Christmas.

Even the biggest doubters of these unusual combinations were pleasantly surprised by the complexity of flavors present during the tasting. Below we have provided all of our pairings and tasting notes so you can bring this experience home.

Bourbon Cask Aged 83% paired with the Boston Lager
The malty flavor and subtle bitterness from the Noble Hops in the Boston Lager bring out the rich flavors of the Bourbon Cask Aged chocolate and the distinct notes of bourbon.

Black Coffee with Cafe Grumpy 80% paired with the Winter Lager
The roasted coffee notes in the chocolate match the intensity of the Winter Lager, a rich and hearty brew, while the citrus and cinnamon notes in both the beer and the Black Coffee chocolate complement each other.

71% Dark with Sea Salt paired with the White Christmas
White Christmas is a crisp, unfiltered white ale blended with holiday spices. The 71% Dark with Sea Salt chocolate’s bright raspberry character and clove notes complement the citrus and wheat characters of the ale bringing out the warmth of the spices.

Blueberry Lavender 69% paired with the Holiday Porter
Holiday Porter is a robust and flavorful brew. The Blueberry Lavender chocolate has subtle floral notes and flavors of orange blossom which complement the darker flavors of espresso and roasty notes of this beer.

Vanilla Rooibos 67% paired with the Old Fezziwig Ale
Old Fezziwig Ale is bursting with spices of the season and full flavors of deep malt. The Vanilla Rooibos chocolate has flavor delicious of marshmallows, cherries and a slight citrus note that pairs nicely with the pleasant spiciness of the ginger and cinnamon in the beer.

85% Dark paired with the Chocolate Bock
Chocolate Bock is a dark, decadent beer with a big, malty character combined with the subtle sweetness of chocolate. The earthy and dark roasted flavors of the 85% Dark chocolate are balanced by the subtle hint of a molasses note and this brings out the rich and wonderful chocolate flavor of the beer.

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