bean origins

We source organic cacao from different growing regions around the world. Each has its own unique flavor, and history. Meet the farmers with whom we purchase delicious, fair-trade cacao at a sustainable premium above market rates.

Francisco Batista, a member of La Red?s Board of Directors

La Red Guaconejo, Dominican Republic

Peace Corp volunteers helped organize organic cacao farmers near the Guaconejo reserve into a cooperative, to ensure fair treatment. Cacao from this region is rich, dark, and complex, with notes of tart and berry. Learn more about La Red.

CIAAB cacao drying, courtesy of Invalsa Coffee

CIAAB Co-op, Bolivia

Central Integral Agroecologica de Alto Beni, or CIAAB, is a small coop in Bolivia's Alto Beni province. CIAAB's cacao beans are known as Trinitario, a hybrid of Criollo and Forastero cacao beans. We use them in our 71% Dark with Sea Salt and Vanilla Rooibos bars, in a blend with La Red. Learn more about CIAAB.

APROCA members

APROCA, Ecuador

APROCA is a cooperative formed in 2004 with more than four hundred farmers in rural communities in the Rio Verde, Atacames and Muisne regions. In addition to being able to get organic and Rainforest Alliance certification after banding together, the improvement in quality from sharing knowledge and resources helped double the price of cacao produced in the region. We showcase their chocolate in our 85% dark bar, made from just APROCA cacao and evaporated sugar cane juice.

Francisco Batista, a member of La Red?s Board of Directors

Maya Mountain, Belize

Maya Mountain Cacao aggregates premium cacao from two hundred Q'eqchi' and Mopan Maya small-scale farmers in southern Belize, with a focus on sustainability. The traditional Mayan chocolate drink — unfermented, sun-dried, hand-ground cacao mixed with warm water — is still drunk daily instead of coffee.

Cacao pods at Somia. Photograph by Cyrus Shaoul.

Akesson's Organic, Madagascar

The Akesson's Organic plantation grows a mixture of criollo, forestero, and trinitario cacao beans, alongside banana trees that help provide protective shade. We showcase the distinct flavors of Madagascar in our single-origin 75% dark bar, and use it to create the ultimate dairy-free milk chocolate alternative: our rich and creamy Coconut Milk bar.