Our Chocolate

what is virgin chocolate?

Raaka crafts bean-to-bar chocolate from unroasted, USDA Certified Organic cacao in Brooklyn, New York. While nearly all chocolate is made by roasting cacao beans, Raaka’s unique low temperature process preserves the wild flavor profiles innate to each origin, offering a rare and delicious chocolate experience that brings you closer to the bean. Our bars offer bold tasting notes like raspberry, citrus, and clove.

flavor innovation

Our flavor philosophy is forward thinking: how can we create new and unique bars beyond traditional roasting? We stone grind whole rooibos and whole honeybush teas with a mixture of Bolivian and Dominican Republic cacao for our Vanilla Rooibos bar. Our Bourbon Cask Aged bar is crafted with Belizean cacao nibs aged in bourbon casks.

ethical sourcing

Raaka has direct trade relationships with our cacao farmers. We source from the CIAAB co-op in Bolivia, the Oko Caribe co-op in the Dominican Republic, Akesson’s Farm in Madagascar, and Maya Mountain Cacao in Belize. We pay our cacao farmers a minimum of $500 per metric ton above market price. At today’s cacao prices, this is equivalent to a 20% raise.

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