3 Bar Limited Box


Pick your favorite three limited batch bars and save 13%! We’ll pack them tidy in a bold little box and in no time they’ll be at your doorstep.  All of our chocolate is certified organic, kosher and non-GMO, as well as gluten and soy-free.

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Strawberry Basil thumbnail

Strawberry Basil

French Apple Tart thumbnail

French Apple Tart

Piña Colada thumbnail

Piña Colada

Buckwheat Caraway thumbnail

Buckwheat Caraway

Everything Bagel Crunch thumbnail

Everything Bagel Crunch

Compost Cookie thumbnail

Compost Cookie

Purple Corn & Coffee Swirl thumbnail

Purple Corn & Coffee Swirl

Cranberry Pink Peppercorn thumbnail

Cranberry Pink Peppercorn

Green Shiso Peach thumbnail

Green Shiso Peach

Rose Cardamom thumbnail

Rose Cardamom

Matcha Swirl thumbnail

Matcha Swirl

Strawberry Swirl thumbnail

Strawberry Swirl

Jasmine Mint thumbnail

Jasmine Mint

Hibiscus Cinnamon thumbnail

Hibiscus Cinnamon

0 of 3 selected