about first nibs

At Raaka, chocolate is a living art. We source rare cacao varieties from around the world, conche them at low temperatures to preserve untamed flavor and infuse them with bold ingredients like saffron, lapsang souchong tea and more.

Each month, we'll send two limited edition bars and one Raaka classic along with notes on craftsmanship and sourcing from our barsmith Nate Hodge.

A First Nibs monthly membership is an unforgettable gift for any chocolate lover. We’ll help you make them feel special by including a handwritten gift note in the first box, which will arrive in a handsome muslin gift bag. Just look for the prompt as you place your order.

$24.95 / month

Raaka Chocolate

this month’s bars

This month's batch showcases three different single-origin bars from beans harvested in Peru: two different harvests from the Pangoa region (2012 and 2014), and one from the Amazonas region. Like wine, cacao's terroir can differ across regions, even in the same geographical country, and from year to year. Taste the difference with this month's First Nibs!

Amazonas, 2014 Harvest, Peru, 70% 

Pangoa, 2014 Harvest, Peru, 70%

Pangoa, 2012 Harvest, Peru, 70%

$24.95 / month

The Fine Print

You can either sign up to have First Nibs delivered monthly on an ongoing basis, or purchase a three-, six- or twelve-month subscription. Limited subscriptions are paid in full in advance; monthly subscriptions are billed on the 15th of each month after you sign up.

First Nibs ships on the 15th each month. If you sign up in the first half of the month, we'll ship your bars on the 15th of that month.  If you sign up in the second half of the month, we'll send you that month's First Nibs immediately. If you sign up for a recurring plan, we'll charge your card on the 15th when we ship. (Shipping is included in the price.) You can cancel any time if you're dissatisfied, or if our chocolate is too exciting. There's no obligation or hidden fees.

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