Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here we address the most regular inquiries we receive. If we haven't addressed your inquiry, or you have another concern, please reach out to us at and we'll do our best to respond in a timely manner. 

General FAQ

Business hours, retailers, shipping, and more! 

  Do you sell chocolate out of your factory?
Yes! In addition to weekly classes and tours, you can always stop by to sample and purchase any chocolate during our business hours of Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-6pm
  What are your factory business hours?
Our storefront is open Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-6pm at 64 Seabring St, Brooklyn, NY, 11231. You can call us at +1-855-255-3354 during those hours with any questions.
  I don't live in New York. Where can I buy Raaka?
We're carried in hundreds of locations across the US. Use our store locator to find your nearest retailer. Many of the stores we sell to are small, independent retailers, so we recommend calling ahead to make sure your specific flavor is in stock!
  How do I schedule a tour or a class?
You can sign up online here, or call +1-855-255-3354 or write with any questions.
  I have an allergy. Is Raaka safe for me to eat?
Our products are gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. We process coconut in our factory, which the FDA considers a tree nut. Our products are nut-free with the exception of our Coconut Milk and Oat Milk bars, both of which contain coconut. We have FSMA allergen compliance verification or nut-free statements from all of our key ingredient suppliers. We have a protein testing regiment that verifies that there is no cross contamination of coconut with our non-coconut products. We do not process any other tree nuts in our facility. Please note that if you are purchasing Raaka outside of our factory we cannot guarantee that all our suppliers maintain a nut free environment. Please shop responsibly.
  Is your chocolate vegan?
You bet. All our bars are vegan. Some dark chocolates still contain milk powder, but ours do not. Instead, make a couple "milk style" bars with oats and coconut.
  I want to send chocolate to all my corporate clients as a gift. Can you help me?
We offer a couple of differentcustom packaging for options corporate gifts and events. Chocolate samples are available upon request. Just write
  Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.
  How long will it take for my chocolate to arrive if I order online?
We ship all domestic orders within 3-5 business days.
  How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is free for all domestic orders over $35; otherwise, it's a flat rate of $9.95 to all locations in the US. We cannot ship to many international destinations due to temperature concerns but will try to accomodate where possible. Please email for specific inquiries.
  Is rush shipping available?
During the holidays, we offer express shipping to most domestic destinations. Look for this option at checkout.
  How can I track my order?
Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email with your tracking number. If you have a question about your order or you need to make a change, please email us at
  My order was lost or damaged during delivery, what do I do?
Please email us at with a detailed account of your delivery, with the order number and batch number for each bar, and we’ll look into this ASAP!
  I have more questions! Who can I contact?
Email and we’d be happy to help answer any additional questions!
   How do I make changes to my First Nibs chocolate subscription?
Shoot over an e-mail to and she'll be happy to help you update your address, change your credit card, skip a month, cancel your subscription and just about everything in between.