A Guide to Pairing Chocolate & Coffee

We've teamed up with our friends at Olympia Coffee to bring you the ultimate coffee and chocolate pairing guide. While we love making chocolate with coffee, we also love eating chocolate alongside coffee. Coffee and chocolate, in all their boldness, compliment each other exceptionally well. When we talk single-origin coffee and chocolate, we're talking a range of distinctive, complex flavor profiles. The flavor nuances that make each type of bean unique provide one of a kind experiences, especially when paired with a counterpart that is equally distinctive. 

A general rule of thumb for pairing coffee and chocolate is to pair likes with likes. Darker chocolates will pair well with darker roasts, and creamier, lighter chocolates with light roasts. Fruity flavor notes of coffee will enhance the fruitiness of our unroasted cacao, and the richer, nuttier chocolate flavors go well with caramel-y, nutty coffees.

Reyna of Olympia Coffee has broken down a comprehensive selection of pairings of our chocolate with Olympia's coffee. Organized by tasting notes, there are a range of tasting experiences for you to enjoy, from fruity and floral, to rich and nutty. Each series of tasting notes is accompanied by the perfect Raaka Chocolate and Olympia Coffee pairing, so consider this your one stop shop for your next friend gathering or the next time you need a gift for your favorite foodie!


Tasting notes: Grapes, rosehip, and orange zest

Pairing: Strawberry SwirlBeder Rupay Peru


Tasting notes: Grape juice, oak wood, peaty scotch whisky, malt and dark red cherries.

Pairing: Bourbon Cask Aged & Morning Sun/San Fermin Organic Colombia


Tasting notes: Bananas, cherry coke, violet candy

Pairing: Hibiscus Cinnamon & Little Buddy Blend


Tasting notes: Coconut, pina colada, and fresh raspberries

Pairing: Oat Milk & Big Truck Blend


Tasting notes: Grapes, rosehip, and orange zest

Pairing: Strawberry Swirl & Beder Rupay Peru


Tasting notes: Graham cracker crust, meyer lemons, green tea, olive oil

Pairing: Pink Sea Salt & Amparo Pajoy Microlot 31 Colombia


Tasting notes: Red-flesh plums, buttery pastry crust, maple sugar, toasted hazelnuts, bourbon whiskey

Pairing: Maple and Nibs & Sweetheart Ariz Family Bourbon Natural El Salvador


Tasting notes: Pomelo fruit, praline candy, jasmine tea, brown sugar, apple pie filling 

Pairing: Rose Cardamom & Abera Gole Natural Ethiopia

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