First Nibs: Monthly Chocolate Subscription


The ultimate subscription for anyone who enjoys good chocolate and a good adventure: fresh, creative, and innovative micro-batch bars sent monthly from our factory to your doorstep. Each month, you'll receive two completely novel and seasonal chocolate bars, with the option to add one Raaka classic bar, gifted in our signature muslin pouch. We'll also share our story on craftsmanship and sourcing from our head chocolate maker Nate Hodge to create a full tasting experience.

 Our First Nibs subscription is over three years old and feedback from subscribers is invaluable. As a subscriber, you can look forward to directly informing our seasonal Best of First Nibs bars and sometimes even our full-time collection. 


March First Nibs

 This month, we're very excited to collaborate with our friends at East Williamsburg restaurant Win Son. Win Son cooks Taiwanese-American cuisine inspired by Taiwanese street food and night markets. We're translating some of their favorite Taiwanese flavors into chocolate. Our first bar is inspired by Win Son's guohua street salad. We grind sweet hachiya persimmons, a favorite fruit in Taiwan, with fruity Dominican cacao and top the bar with nutty black sesame seeds for balance. The second bar is inspired by Win Son founders Josh and Trigg's trip to Taiwan where they travelled the island consuming copious amounts of fried chicken heavily seasoned with cayenne pepper and Chinese five spice. We're infusing Peruvian cacao with star anise, cloves, cinnamon, fennel seed and prickly ash for a complex layering of sweet and heat and topping the bar with cayenne flakes for an extra kick.       

Black Sesame & Persimmon (70% Zorzal Cacao, Dominican Republic

 Five Spice & Cayenne Pepper (75% CAC Pangoa, Peru) 

Coconut Milk (60% Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic)

The Easy Part: Subscribe   

Choose between two bar and three bar plans. Both plans come with our exclusive micro-batch bars of the month, with an optional third Raaka bar from our current collection that pairs perfectly with that month. Giving First Nibs as a gift? Click on our Gift Subscriptions for more details!

The Waiting Part: Receive

We ship every batch on the 15th of the month. We'll charge your card on the 15th of the month too. So if you decide you're done with us on the 14th, you can cancel free of charge. If you sign up after the 15th, we'll send you that month's First Nibs immediately.

The Fun Part: Enjoy and Share

Celebrate the middle of each month with our latest batch! Savor it, devour it, share it, Instagram it, throw a party for it, etc. Also, let us know what you think of each batch at the end of the month through our subscriber feedback surveys. Don't be shy!

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