Raaka Chocolate Week in Belize

Journey to the place where our chocolate begins. 

April 2-9th, 2016 

Cotton Tree Lodge, Belize

We're truly excited to host our own Chocolate Week this year at Cotton Tree Lodge in Belize. Take a deeper diver into bean-to-bar chocolate by going tree-to-bar with us to origin of our Bourbon Cask Aged bar. Chocolate Week is a cultural experience that is incredibly unique to the world of food enthusiasts. In association with the beautiful Cotton Tree Lodge, Raaka will host a group of people
in the Toledo District of Belize.
You'll go on immersive tours of Maya Mountain Cacao and their facilities as well as other farms local to the area. You'll kayak on the beautiful and scenic Moho River, hike the local landscape as well as breathtaking Mayan Ruins, snorkel the Caribbean, caves, and above all; learn where chocolate comes from and how flavor development literally begins from the ground up. 
For more info or instructions on sign up, email peter@raakachocolate.com.
If you'd like to read about our own experiences in Belize, read Brielle and Orissa's recap from last spring.
You can also watch this video documenting the beginning of Maya Mountain Cacao's Demonstration Farm for a taste of the scenery!