Better Cacao, Better Planet

The foundation of great chocolate is great cacao. For us, sourcing is more than just procuring raw materials: it's establishing a relationship with the people who do the hardest and most crucial work. We consider the cooperatives and farms we source from partners because without them we can't make the best chocolate, and we share a set of common values, chief among them that high-quality cacao can support community and sustainable agroforestry,  and make better tasting chocolate.

High-quality cacao is specifically grown, harvested, fermented and dried for flavor rather than as just a commodity crop. This commonly referred to has "flavor grade cacao" or "fine flavor cacao". To make the most interesting and complex chocolate, it's best to source for flavor.  But it's just good for our chocolate, it can be much better for the people producing cacao too. Flavor grade cacao often fetches a price two to four times higher than the commodity market price and we're proud to say we've consistently paid within this range

We delight in collaborating with cooperatives like Öko Caribe in the Dominican Republic and social enterprises such as Maya Mountain Cacao in Belize. They grow and harvest through agroforestry, a sustainable practice designed to use both agriculture and forestry to create a healthy ecosystem which mimics the natural biodiversity of the land and yields a more productive, flavorful crop.

Learn about some our current partners in chocolate-making by clicking the linked pages below.