• Raaka Box- Herbaceous April

    This month's edition of Raaka Box features herbs and fruits native to Southeast AsiaAs the season unfolds, we’ve decided to bring you floral and citrus flavors that remind us of the abundance of spring. Take a look at April's bars below and explore past month's Raaka box flavors here.
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  • Raaka Box- March into Spring

    March into spring with this month's edition of Raaka Box.  This month's box explores chocolate sweetened without cane sugar. Using familiar ingredients like honey and maple, and exotic ingredients like yacón, we show how different sugars can blend with cacao to create unique flavor profiles.  Take a look at March's bars below and explore past month's Raaka box flavors here.

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  • Raaka Box- The February Lineup

    February's edition of Raaka Box combines ingredients that we find comforting in the throes of winter: sesame, vanilla, toasted mate, and cocoa. This month's box also aims to demonstrate the range that ingredients like vanilla and a single origin of cocoa can have.  Take a look at February's lineup below and explore past month's Raaka box flavors here. Toasted Sesame with Tahitian Vanilla (Akesson's Organic Farm, Madagascar, 70%)  Savory sesame, sweet Tahitian vanilla, and slightly sour notes from Malagasy cacao swirl together for a chocolate bar that borders on taste bud over-stimulation. We absolutely love the flavor of Tahitian vanilla and the subtle...

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  • Our Subscription Plan is Taking Off!

    We face a unique problem as chocolate makers and curious foodies:  We live for making new bars with innovative flavors and techniques, but it can be hard for these super interesting, complex bars to find their way to store shelves. Our original 8-bar lineup of organic, handmade bars still steals the show here. But with so many delicious, luxury chocolate bars stacking up in the factory, we knew we needed a way for fans to experience our best and newest recipes.    So, we thought: What if we created a special service where you could sign up once and automatically receive...

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  • Raaka’s Bourbon Casked Aged Bar Wins Good Food Award!

    Nate received our Good Food Award at the Ferry Building in San Francisco! Nate and Ryan recently traveled west to accept the merit for Raaka’s Bourbon Cask Aged bar. Nate got to share the stage with some of the most acclaimed chocolate makers in the U.S. like Alan McClure (Patric Chocolate) and Sean Askinosie (Askinosie Chocolate) to name a few.

    It was a surreal honor for Raaka, and a true testament to the passionately loyal customers and employees that make Raaka’s engine turn. We can’t thank everyone enough for their support.

    You can purchase the bourbon bar here, so that you can share award winning chocolate with your family and friends (they’ll think you’re pretty hip).

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  • Nate’s Bourbon Cask Aged bar: finalist for a Good Food Award!

    “The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.” Nate’s Bourbon Cask Aged bar is one of 22 finalists, out of of 1,366 entries in chocolate! See all the finalists on the Good Food Awards site!

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  • Raaka Chocolates paired with Samuel Adams’ Winter Collection

    Beer and chocolate: a match made in foodie heaven. Don’t believe us? You will, once you eat a piece of Raaka’s 71% Dark with Sea Salt chocolate and chase it with a Sam Adam’s White Christmas.

    Even the biggest doubters of these unusual combinations were pleasantly surprised by the complexity of flavors present during the tasting. Below we have provided all of our pairings and tasting notes so you can bring this experience home.

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