May's First Nibs Selections

In the tradition of the gongfu tea ceremony of the Fujian province in China, this month First Nibs offers two bars infused with Wuyi Oolong tea at different moments in the tea's flavor life-cycle. Discover how we crafted this delicious limited batch bars...

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Cacao Origin: Madagascar

The citrus-marmalade flavor of Madagascar’s cacao beans can be a surprising taste to the uninitiated. These beans have a complex acidity, resulting in a bright tang that lingers long on the tongue. Like wine, cacao has terroir: the embodiment of its origin delivered through flavor. To preserve terroir, we don’t roast our cacao, crafting virgin chocolate with simple grinding, milling, tempering and pouring. Madagascar’s distinct, robust cacao is perfect for introducing this concept.  


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Dark with Sea Salt's New Digs

Raaka was founded on two simple pillars: make great chocolate that actually tastes like cacao beans, and source all our ingredients ethically and sustainably. 

In craft chocolate, every ingredient counts. Great beans are the foundation of great chocolate, but the tiny flourishes matter too, like the salt we use for our 71% Sea Salt bar.

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February's First Nibs

February's First Nibs feature one bar crafted from with Peru Nacional, topped with white cacao nibs, and another with candied rose hips for a decadent pairing to get you through those winter blues and celebrate the month of love. 

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Fall in love, with just one bite.

When a piece of chocolate melts on your tongue, a chain of chemical reactions begin. From your taste buds, through your veins, to the brain, and of course, the heart, chocolate creates a sense of elation that perhaps no other individual food can match. 

What separates a bar of chocolate from other highly celebrated and palatable foods is a harmonious trio of chemicals innate to the cacao bean: theobromine, phenylethylamine, and anandamide. 

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