New Look

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Raaka‘s new line-up

Since 2010 we’ve been making unroasted dark chocolate from scratch, progressively sourcing single origin cacao beans and crafting recipes that celebrate each cacao’s distinct flavor profile. To celebrate our eighth year, we’re introducing a bold new look that brings our unconventional processes and uncommonly delicious flavor to life.

Side view of the bars

Our packaging has always been central to what we do. Everything we make is been created with pride and intention, from bean-to-bar. At origin, growers carefully harvest each cacao pod by hand; at our factory, chocolate makers craft each batch with playfulness and precision. From our unique unroasted process to our eccentric recipes, no one makes chocolate like we do. Naturally, these efforts demand a presentation.

For us, chocolate making is all about discovery—a process we’re happy to report never ends. Without a doubt, we’ve learned a lot in eight years; about chocolate making; about sourcing; about ourselves. We’ve learned that our presentation is more than just aesthetic, it’s our story. Last year, we partnered with designers Andrea Trabucco-Campos and Simon Blockley in an effort to evolve and bring this story—a story of intrigue and discovery—to fruition. After many months of starting, tossing, restarting, and tweaking, it brings us great excitement to reintroduce our unroasted dark chocolate in a new look that celebrates and expresses our distinctive process, style, and flavor with playfulness, vibrancy, and wonder.

Raaka‘s logo evolution  Farms and origins

Like our recipes, every bar is wrapped in artwork inspired the landscapes of each origin, modeled after photographs we took on trips to ours visit producer partners. Flavor begins at origin: in the soil, in the cacao fruit, and in the hands of cacao growers. With our new look, the sensory experience of enjoying a Raaka bar begins there too.

Similarly, our bold and saturated new color palette expresses our signature unroasted flavor profile. Making chocolate without roasting cacao beans is atypical, to put it lightly (the process of roasting is even included in the definition of chocolate!), and vibrant colors hint at the rich and dimensional taste inside.

The story of our bars cannot be told without the story of the producers we work with. As a bean-to-bar maker, we’re able to purchase cacao directly from farmer-owned cooperatives and grower centric organizations and establish meaningful, collaborative relationships with each one. But these relationships don’t fit the conventional certifications that most chocolate-loving folks are a familiar with, which can make telling, and therefore visualizing and contextualizing this story pretty challenging.

Lucky for us, Andrea and Simon were up for the challenge. They worked patiently and diligently with us to bring our new Transparent Trade model to life on the inside of every wrapper. Now, when someone opens up any Raaka bar, they can learn about the cacao producer we sourced the beans from, what we paid for them, how that stacks up against market prices, and what the supply chain between us and each grower looks like. We believe that the more we can educate customers about the cacao and chocolate supply chain and processes, the more we can create a positive, progressive, and equitable industry for all. That starts with transparency. That starts with us.

Green Tea Crunch & Cabernet SauvignonStaff sporting the new Raaka brand

Rebrand Team

Ryan Cheney, William Mullan, Nate Hodge

Creative Direction & Design 
A creative partnership between Andrea Trabucco-Campos & Simon Blockley

William Mullan